The Best Things in Life are Free

A Contemporary Arts Platform

When times are tough and you find yourself eating 20p noodles mixed with a little watery tomato sauce costing only 75p, for the fifth day in a row, it’s easy to think ‘what am I doing with my life?’ or ‘when is this torture going to end?’


Of course it’s not really torture or poverty or any of those terrible things that do actually have commonplace in (some parts of) the world, but it is a bit depressing. Wanting to do things and then remembering that you can’t because you don’t have any money is as restrictive as living at home in your 40s, having your parents decide your meals, locking you down with a 10pm curfew. In other words, you can’t really do anything and it pretty much sucks.


See how easy it is to fall into doom and gloom, surrounded by a pit of despair that demands…

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